Westeros High: The College Years (or not)

Revival attempt #18385?
Okay, so. I miss this game. Anyone else miss this game? And if so, how do you think we could resolve our on-going issue with eventual stagnation? What do you guys think we need, more mods? A more structured format?

Talk to meeeeee.

let's try this again

Who's on board for giving this thing another go? It just kind of...died, and I bear much of the blame. RL got crazy this spring. But I'm ready to jump back in, if anyone out there feels the same! Leave a comment here if you're still interested, and we'll take it from there.

(If this post doesn't work, I'll try PMing members? I dunno, there are lots of you. :) )

Toot toot!
The King
Hey gang!

I was putting out a feeler to see if anyone would be interested in another science lab RP with Qyburn? I'm up for it, but I wanted to check with everyone and plan something out before diving right in. I know that while there's a handful of character in science courses, they can't all be in class at once, haha.

I hope this isn't considered spam! I don't know any other way of getting in touch with everyone at once in this group. c: Just leave a comment and we'll work something out.

(And of course dear master Baratheon is also available if any one wants to plan shenanigans with him. Please bear in mind that said shenanigans will likely be comprised of skipping class, playing football, drinking, and/or yelling at the xbox, OR skipping class to play football on the xbox while drinking. But we're always open to alternatives! :D Feel free to pull him out of his delightful bachelor frog rut.)

Hai guise!!
buttoned up
  1. I mentioned this back in WHS but for the new folks: if you're switching back and forth between +1 journal, LJ Login is a Firefox add-on/plugin thing that lets you do it with just a click or two, it really helps me when I'm RPing here. Also, does anyone know if you can adjust how long entries stay on your f-list?

  2. A lot of us got a bit busy this past month and let some play slide. Our last big post was the Crossroads reunion party, if you haven't peeked at that a while you might want to check out if you have any threads waiting to respond to or get in an appearance before we move on :)

  3. I thought we could also use this post to maybe just talk about where our characters are going, what we have planned for them to start off this school year's game play. Maybe something happened at the party or in your character's person LJ that gave you some idea or got some ball rolling? Maybe you want to check in with some other relevant players to work out some details?

  4. Finally, stuff about new characters: the word is we are getting an Ashara Dayne soon; anyone know if we'll be having an Elia Martell for sure or not? Also, is there anyone who'd like to play Jon Snow or Bran Stark, or knows someone who would? Arya and Robb and the Reeds could probably really use them around. I'd like to help but I don't think I could pull off those characters very well since I forget some of their canon stuff.

  5. ETA: Oh PS, could Asha and Arianne possibly check in about housing situations? Lyanna might need a roommate :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday season! I'm guessing fandom might be slow through New Year's, but I thought I'd put this up anyway so we can take our time. We have a great bunch of characters here with lots of interaction potential, I think this game could be mega fun :) PS: I don't know how to tag this!

Hey y'all
I want more
 So I joined with my old westeroshigh Lyanna journal as you can see *grins*

You can see my application at the original application post. Important people to discuss relationships with *cough* thebookishwolf, princeofpoets and thestagparty.

I think these things are important.

Lyanna's party are older and kinda old fashioned. Lyanna is the baby girl who never got to go away on adventures.

Lyanna was sort of friends with Elia in high school (I'm still hoping Summer comes back!) and knew Rhaegar vaguely. She had a secret admiration crush on both of them and stayed the hell away. Since Rhaegar was older than her and wasn't there for his senior year they didn't interact much, but Miss if you want they can have talked a few times on aim about books or music. Lyanna is aware that she had a crush on him but never told anyone or made any move.

Lyanna has to know Robert since he's Ned's best friend and they're all at the same college. I think she politely avoids him. She possibly has pressure from Ned or her parents to go out with him. She definitely doesn't hate him just feels awkward about him. Elaborate on that however you want. XD

Reunion party; old vs new classmates
it's rhaegar, close-up
masterofcoin suggested a Westeros High School reunion party, and I think that could be a good event to really kick off the RPG, so I thought we could arrange a time to have that plot start. How does Wednesday Dec 1 sound to you all (especially masterofcoin)? Characters could establish some dynamics and some groundwork for plots could start, and random fun or trouble could ensue. You know, typical college party stuff ;) There are a few characters who are straggling a bit to join, like Elia and Robert and Jaime, so I dunno if we should wait or not.

Also, it might increase participation if WHS students were allowed to bring friends who might be new to the game? And on that note, for characters who are new to the game: are we saying that all the new characters never went to WHS? I know Ned and Robert are tentatively going to have gone to a boarding school to explain their absence from WHS, but I was assuming that Rhaegar, for example, actually was at WHS, just never seen in the last game. Is that okay? 'Cause there'd be a lot of kids at that school and all.

PS: Pimping the living arrangements post for queenmakerari, princesselia, sphinxalleras, jojen_reed, knightofroses, and ashasjournal. *innocent blink*

Random idea;
Hey what with some canon location terms coming up in westerosu_logs ... I haz idea!

Maybe terms like "Dorne" and "Riverlands"* etc can be sections of the city/district/whatever that Westeros U is located in?

*I dunno how viable this is, because iirc I remember Doran and Catelyn were in the same neighbor but something to think about I guess!

Living arrangements: a chart!
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I'm a part-time organization freak so I thought I'd put together a chart of living arrangements all in one place. Roommates are being fished out here (dudettes?) and here (dudes?), though you're welcome to use this post for planning too. I can update the chart as needed. If the mods want they can copy it into a master info post or link to it? Hope this is okay, mods :)

(PS Steph and Jas - what do you guys think of tags for the comm, e.g. one for plot posts, one for canon info posts like this, one for OOC admin/how-to/announcements/reminders, etc?)

CAMPUS DORM: White Harbor Hall
Catelyn RA Single+
AryaDouble w/Meera
MeeraDouble w/Arya
SansaDouble w/Jeyne P
MissandeiDouble w/Amerei
DaceyDouble w/Brienne
BrienneDouble w/Dacey



CAMPUS DORM: Rainwood Dormitory
DoranDouble w/Petyr
PetyrDouble w/Doran

BericDouble w/Thoros
ThorosDouble w/Beric

TheonDouble w/Robb?
RobbDouble w/Theon?

RobertDouble w/TBD


OFF CAMPUS APTMT: Summerhall Apmts?
Rhaegar1 bdrm; w/Elia?

Loras (might be fun if he was in Jaime's frat?)

Whoops my characters need roommates too
I can either have NPCS live with Renly and Theon or other people can pipe in. Renly, it would have to be someone he is friendly with. Theon, not so much cause he's a freshman.

Oh also Jeremy, I had Renly talk about Loras being an MLS alternate like we said before but if you want Loras to come you can just say the manager let him go back to school, thought he wouldn't be needed or something weird.

Let's talk.... secret society subplot
genuinely happy
Hokay, so in Doran's app/elsewhere people were telling me they wanted to jump aboard my crazy idea to have Doran become obsessed with campus secret societies. XD Yay! So I thought it would be a good idea for all who want in on this plot to share ideas and come up with some preliminary plotting details, y/y? :D

Here's pretty much what I've got on my end;

1. Campus has several secret societies.
2. Some of them do sketch stuff (which ones are there? what do they do that's sketchy? idk, that's what plotting posts are for~)
3. The sketch factor really bothers Doran, so he's making it a goal to take them out. Rawr!

What's everyone else thinking? :D


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